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With great pleasure I am cordially inviting you to join Arora Ambassador Club.

Arora Ambassador Club is an exclusive club limited to subscribers to The Arora Report.  Thousands of  private investors, investment advisors, money managers, stock brokers, bullion dealers and more across the globe have benefited from The success of The Arora Report.

You have been spreading your love for The Arora Report. Arora Ambassador Club is our way to say, “Thank you — you have made The Arora Repot success possible.”

You already want to help your friends succeed.  Getting rewards for helping your friends succeed is like a cherry on top. By joining Arora Ambassador Club you get rewards for helping your friends. It gets better — your friends also get rewards.

Welcome to the club!

Nigam Arora


Helping friends generate wealth in a systematic logical manner while controlling risks is indeed very rewarding by itself. Here are several additional benefits.

  • No cost admission to special events coming 2021
  • Discounts on Coaching Seminars
  • Higher priority of your questions  answered in Ask Arora
  • Higher priority to posts that you request on individual stocks and ETFs
  • Higher priority in customer service queue

Joining Arora Ambassador Club and helping your friends generate wealth is easy. There are two steps. In the first step simply send an email to five of your friends with a cc to . You are free to include in the email whatever you wish with your recommendation to take a FREE 30 day trial to The Arora Report. Here are some suggestions you can choose if you wish.

  • The Arora Report has a proven track record of providing the most accurate analysis  in both bull and bear markets.
  • In this age,  it is very difficult to find an advisory service that is independent and solely dedicated to helping its subscribers. The Arora Report   is a rare service that is totally independent and free of conflicts of interest.  The Arora report  does not accept advertisements,  does not accept payments from brokers,  does not accept payment from companies as well as does not provide services to the companies  it writes about,  does not sell securities and does not provide investment banking services.
  • The Arora Report provides an edge due to unique proven ZYX Change Method of investing and Trading and ZYX Global Asset Allocation Model — developed by a nuclear physicist and an engineer over a 25 year period.
  • The Arora Report provides opportunities from across the globe
  • The Arora Report has emphasis on teaching investors becoming better investors.
  • The Arora Report teaches techniques that are generally not available to most investors  and investment advisors.
  • The Arora  Report is highly analytical and helps investors control their number one enemy — emotions.
  • The Arora Report provides significant information not available anywhere else — this provides investors a big edge

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