Since 2007, The Arora Report remains number one in terms of performance in gold, silver, platinum, palladium and miners. The Arora Report ratings on gold and silver are used by bullion dealers, jewelers, investment advisors, money managers and private individual investors across the globe. In addition to the ratings, The Arora Report provides precise and specific buy and sell signals for investors with different time frames ranging from very long-term to very, very short-term.

Thousands of investors across the globe have witnessed and thoroughly scrutinized the performance of The Arora Report in real time since 2007.

The Arora Report record on winning trades vs. losing trades is unrivaled since 2007.

Winning trades 589
Losing trades 12


Since 2007, The Arora Report remains number one in long-term calls on gold, silver, and miners.

  • Calls to backup the truck and buy gold in $600s with average of $663 before a run to $1904
  • Calls to allocate 20% (maximum allowed under diversification rules) to silver in $16-18 range with average of $17.73 before a run to $50
  • A large number of calls to aggressively buy specific precious metal mining stocks in 2009 just before the big run up
  • Call to sell all of the silver at $48.50 close to the to the top at  just over $50
  • Call to short sell silver over $50 and holding the short position all the way down to $14 range.
  • Call to sell half of the gold at the exact top at $1904 and put a stop on the remaining at $1750, subsequently gold fell to $1000 range
  • Calls to lock in big profits and exit precious metal mining stocks in 2011 before the big drop
  • Correctly stayed bearish on gold and silver since 2011 top to  early 2016 with numerous calls to trade mostly from the short side  and a handful of  correct calls to take long positions to profit from countertrend rallies
  •  From 2017 to present, numerous correct calls on gold and silver


At The Arora Report, we advocate diversifying between more than one time frame. Diversification by time frame is an excellent way t0 reduce risk and to ultimately produce high risk adjusted returns.  Investors do not need to diversify between all of the  time frames listed below, typically diversifying between three time frames is good.

Here is a definition of the time frames.

Very long term 3-10 years
Long term 1-3 years
Medium term 6-12 months
Short term 2-6 months
Very short term 2-8 weeks
Very very short term 0-2 weeks


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