Since 2007, The Arora Report remains #1 investment  newsletter of its kind in terms of risk adjusted performance. Our  unique ZYX Change Method and adaptive ZYX  Global Multi Asset Allocation model  combine to give investors, who are The Arora Report subscribers, a big edge in the markets.

We have  happy subscribers across the globe.  The Arora Report subscribers include private individual investors, investment advisors, money managers, stock brokers and institutions. Here is a sampling of The Arora Report subscriber reviews, enjoy!

Nigam Arora is truly a master of the markets. The Arora Report picks are fantastic, and their market timing is truly unparalleled. Other world famous market timers do not even come close to anticipating events the way Nigam Arora does.   In all, I am an extremely satisfied subscriber.  If I could only have one investment newsletter service, it would be The Arora Report investment newsletter advisory .

Charlie W.



The Arora Report is hands-down the best market advisory  investment newsletter service that I have ever seen.  The Arora Report is very transparent and research driven.  All calls are based on hard data and experience, not on emotion and hope.  Through Arora recommendations, I have learned more about the markets and how best to approach them than my previous 10 years as an investment advisor.  Nigam and his team embody what it means to be “smart money” and have the right mix of confidence and humility to succeed.  

Navin V.

New Jersey

I am an active experienced institutional trader.  I am a long-time subscriber to The Arora Report  investment newsletter and love your service.  You have made many extremely good calls.

Katrina L.


I have been an investor for 40 years and have subscribed to many investment newsletters and  used many money managers. The support given me  by  The Arora Report has been awesome!  Arora investment newsletter takes a lot of fear out of investing.  The Arora Report made me 33% annualized in the first quarter  of 2015 and 28% annualized  in the first half of 2015.

Bill S.



I am impressed.  After experimenting with various other techniques, I have found The Arora Report to have an uncanny degree of accuracy balancing risk and gain.  All-in-all, the approach is quite scientific and rigorous.  The Morning Capsules  in this investment newsletter service are no-nonsense, written in easy to read language  without any perceivable agenda.   I have learned so much.

Gordon E.



Most of the trades I have initiated based on The Arora Report have turned out to be real money makers.  In most cases, your predictions are correct. I am quite happy with your service.  So a big THANK YOU for that.

Wolfgang M.

South Africa

I am very cautious about what other sites and services suggest but I am very confident with The Arora Report analysis and punctual follow-up.  I have been investing for at least 20 years based on technical analysis and was missing the broader analysis like I get now from The Arora Report.

Spiro M.


The Arora Report has made me a lot of money over  the last 27 months and that is certainly appreciated.

Ruede W.


There is an enormous amount of fantastic information that is disseminated on a daily basis by The Arora Report.  The most important benefit I have derived is to have sold my enormous gold, silver and miner positions before the big fall based on the calls in The Arora Report.

Harvey S.


I have been with two top services like yourself.  They do not hold a candle to your service.  The Arora Report  investment newsletter is by far the best and I am making money.  I abide by your rules, spread the risk and take profits  appropriately with your help.

Doug H..


When I want to know what is actually happening in any market, I go to The Arora Report — whether it is for gold, silver, oil, technology stocks, foreign markets or the broad market.  Nigam provides great macro analysis that no one else  can match.  He is a unique teacher and commentator, though he does not try to be, which shows you who he is.  The Arora Report is timely, dependable, actionable and succinct.  My overall rating for Nigam Arora and his team is A+++.

Lars M.

New York

My total gain on the closed and open trades is excellent.  I am very satisfied with The Arora Report investment advisory.

Noam L.


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