Enviable Performance Under All Market Conditions
Since 2007
  • Chart of SLV.gif
    BIG PROFITS ON SILVER: Put 20% of assets in silver at $17.73 before the run up to about $50. Took profits at the very top at $48-50 just before the big drop. Short sold silver at $48-50 and predicted a 33% drop in silver .In a matter of couple of weeks, silver fell about 40%.
  • Chart of AAPL WHITE.gif
    BIG PROFITS ON APPLE: The ZYX Change Method recognized early the potential of Apple ecosystem . Apple was bought at an average price of $131and partial profits have been taken at $360, $525, and $629. The system has stayed in the trade through ups and downs for big profits.
  • Chart of VVR WHITE.gif
    BIG PROFITS ON SENIOR BANK LOANS: The ZYX Change System recognized at the depth of 2008-2009 financial crisis that senior bank loans were unjustifiably beaten down to 30 cents on a dollar. A closed end fund VVR was bought at $1.86 and sold at $4.53 while earning double digit dividends.
  • Chart of ARMH WHITE.gif
    BIG PROFITS ON THE PROCESSOR DESIGNER FOR APPLE: The ZYX Change Method recognized early on that ARM Holdings, designer of the processors for Apple products, was about to become the biggest licensor of designs for mobile devices. ARMH was bought at $10.00 and profits were taken at $25.70.
  • Chart of JJC WHITE.gif
    BIG PROFITS ON COPPER: The ZYX Change Method recognized early on that the government stimulus in China was about to cause a construction boom which would increase demand for copper. An ETF JJC was bought at $39.82 . The system correctly called the top in copper and profits were taken at $60.02
  • Chart of CBS WHITE.gif
    BIG PROFITS ON CBS: The ZYX Change Method recognized early on that the prevailing wisdom of demise of network advertising was wrong. CBS was bought at $5.93. CBS developed hit shows and advertising market recovered. Profits were taken at $20.09.
  • Chart of CIEN  WHITE.gif
    BIG PROFITS IN OPTICAL NETWORKING: The ZYX Change Method recognized early on that demand for optical networking was about to increase. Ciena, a major vendor of optical network systems, was bought at $13.75. Profits were taken at $24.30 just before the top in optical network market.
  • Chart of DB WHITE.gif
    BIG PROFITS IN THE LARGEST GERMAN BANK: The ZYX Change Method correctly recognized extreme negative sentiment as a contrary indicator in Deutsche Bank. Deutsche Bank was bought at $30.03 for a very short term trade and profits were quickly taken at $36.20.
  • Chart of F WHITE.gif
    BIG PROFITS IN FORD: The ZYX Change Method correctly concluded that Ford would not go bankrupt when GM and Chrysler were in trouble. Ford was bought at $1.97. Profits were taken at $18.14 near the top in the stock as the system recognized extreme bullishness towards Ford as a contrary indicator.
  • Chart of HMA WHITE.gif
    BIG PROFITS FROM HEALTH CARE REFORM: The ZYX Change Method correctly recognized early on that hospitals would not be adversely effected by the health care reform as Wall Street thought. Our analysis was hospitals would benefit from the reform. HMA was bought at $1.26 and profits were taken at $6.01.
  • Chart of EUM. WHITEgif.gif
    BIG PROFITS FROM DROP IN EMERGING MARKETS: We monitor indicators from 23 countries. The ZYX Change Method recognized that then prevailing wisdom of emerging markets decoupling from the American market was wrong. Inverse ETF EUM was bought at $63.36 and sold at $118.52.
  • Chart of INP WHITE.gif
    BIG PROFITS FROM INDIA: The ZYX Change Method recognized early on that India would be a major beneficiary as the world emerged from the financial crises. ETF INP was bought at $25.92. The method correctly called the top in Indian market and sold INP at $76.46.
  • Chart of JJG WHITE.gif
    BIG PROFITS ON GRAINS: The ZYX Change Method recognized early on the impact of Russian fires on grain prices. JJG, an ETF representing grains, was bought at $41.00 . Profits were taken at $53.50 when grain prices had fully accounted for production shortfall in Russia and Ukraine.
  • Chart of NFLX WHITE.gif
    BIG PROFITS ON NETFLIX: At a time when Netflix was maligned for dying DVD business, the ZYX Change Method was early to recognize that Netflix would be the first big mover in streaming movies and this would cause massive short squeeze. Netflix was bought at $101.00 and profits taken at $187.49.
  • Chart of PPC WHITE.gif
    BIG PROFITS FROM CHICKEN: Pilgrim Pride, a major chicken producer, got on the wrong side of hedging feed costs and had to declare bankruptcy. The ZYX Change Method correctly recognized that there was more value in the stock than Wall Street perceived. The stock was bought at $3.00 and sold at $8.47.
  • Chart of ILMN WHITE.gif
    BIG PROFITS ON GENOMIC SEQUENCING: The ZYX Change Method recognized early on that Illumina was leap frogging the competition in genome sequencing. Illumina was purchased at $23.25 and sold at $39.98 .
  • Chart of SAP WHITE.gif
    BIG PROFITS FROM A EUROPEAN EXPORTER: The ZYX Change Method recognized early on that SAP, a big European software exporter was not as affected by the debt crises in Europe as generally perceived. SAP was bought for a short term trade at $48.56 and profits were quickly taken at $57.19.
  • Chart of SMH WHITE.gif
    BIG PROFITS ON SEMICONDUCTORS: The ZYX Change Method recognized early on bottom in semiconductor cycle. SMH was purchased at $24.33. SMH was sold about five months later at $34.09 when our method correctly concluded that majority of profits from the cyclical upturn were already in the bag.
  • Chart of UYG WHITE.gif
    BIG PROFITS ON FINANCIALS: The ZYX Change Method recognized early on during the financial crises that bank nationalization in the U.S. was off the table and financial stocks would rebound strongly. An ETF UYG was purchased at $21.18 and exited at $73.69.
  • Chart of TWM white.gif
    BIG PROFITS FROM FALL OF SMALL CAPS: The ZYX Change Method recognized early on in 2009 that small capitalization stocks were about to be slaughtered. An inverse ETF TWM was purchased at $253.27 . In about two months, profits were taken at $426.16 close to the eventual top.

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Nigam Arora is an engineer and nuclear physicist by background,  has founded two Inc. 500 fastest growing companies, has been involved in over 50 entrepreneurial ventures, is the developer of Theory ZYX of Successful Change Management, is the author of the book on Theory ZYX, as well as the developer of  the ZYX Change Method to profit from change in trading and investing.

Nigam Arora is the Editor-in-chief at The Arora Report, Ltd. which is a publisher of four investment newsletters.


       Early Years in USA

Nigam graduated with a M.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Kansas  in less than one year with a GPA of 3.94/4.00.  Then he studied  Marketing and Finance in an MBA program at Indiana University

He developed an imaging system on a NASA funded project for the Center for Research, Inc. 

led the development of one of the first automated computerized plant wide Radiation Monitoring and Control Systems for commercial nuclear power plants.  He was also the first to discover and develop methods of accurately measuring certain nuclear isotopes in power plants.  He was in charge of Engineering at NMC.

       Early Years in India

Nigam Arora received a B.S. in Electronics Engineering from Punjab Engineering College with High Honors when he had just turned 20.  He developed the first digital Phase Meter in India.  He was selected in a program of the Indian Air Force under which he learned about electronics  aboard fighter aircrafts.  He also worked on research at Central Scientific Instruments Organization.

Conceiving and executing change for the better has been a way of  life for Nigam Arora. He founded or was instrumental in founding over 50 entrepreneurial ventures.
nigam arora
His passion for innovations in business and technology led to his founding of two of the fastest growing (Inc. 500) companies and over 50 other ventures.
  Action Systems, Inc., a company he founded, was ranked the
29th fastest growing Inc. 500 company. This company grew by capturing over 60% of the market share in the startup of Radiation Monitoring Systems to nuclear power plants and diversifying into a variety of energy projects.

He also founded Action Systems Technologies, Inc. that was ranked the 103rd fastest growing Inc. 500 company.  The company grew by providing innovative technology services to Department of Defense, Department of Energy, Aerospace, Automotive, Defense, Distribution, Food, Electronics, Energy, Healthcare Information Technology, Logistics, Manufacturing, and Mining industries.

He was the CEO of KnowledgeAZ, Inc., which developed software for eCommerce, logistics, supply chain, and asset management.

He was the CEO of Utility Frontier, Inc., which was a Business-to-Business Exchange for 369 municipalities.

Other companies he founded included a provider of printed circuit boards to the computer and electronics industries, a manufacturer of computer networking hardware, a manufacturer of instruments for the energy industry, a solar power producer, a software developer for the distribution industry and material tracking, a software developer for plant maintenance, a consulting firm providing change management services, and  a provider  of semiconductor testing  services to automotive and defense industries. He has twice been named Entrepreneur of the Year.


  Theory ZYX of Successful Change

Nigam Arora is the original developer of Theory ZYX.  He is also the author of the book Theory ZYX – A Definitive Guide to Reach the Next Level. 

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has awarded  Nigam Arora 26 patent claims  on Theory ZYX in a patent.

Necessity is the mother of invention. Upon concluding that no  rigorous  analytical methodology existed to help him successfully  create and manage change in one of his ventures, he rolled up his sleeves and plunged into action. Thus, Theory ZYX of Successful Change Management was born.
Most change management experts primarily come from the background of academia and psychology. Nigam  has added a new dimension to the state-of-the-art change management based on his extensive change experience in business, operations, and technology.

        The ZYX Change Method
         of Investing and Trading

 Upon requests to adapt Theory ZYX of Change to help manage investments, Nigam developed the ZYX Method for Profiting from Change in Investing and Trading taking advantage of his over two decades of experience in developing technical, quantitative, and fundamental models as well as  implementing gray boxes* to execute the models in a variety of market conditions.

Since 2007, Nigam has been illustrating the power of the ZYX Change Method by providing concise actionable calls on this site. The Arora Report, Ltd. Market Blog focuses on providing clear signals and being concise about the trigger event which is one of the six screens of  the ZYX Change Method.  

Nigam is the Editor-in-chief at The Arora Report, Ltd. which is a publisher of four investment newsletters.

*Gray boxes are computer systems semi-automating  the methodology implementation.

Read articles by Nigam Arora at:       Forbes            Dow Jones MarketWatch           Seeking Alpha

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