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Do you want to know the best stocks to buy now? The Arora Report is naming names in a list of 38 best stocks for artificial intelligence, India, lithium, copper, semiconductors, defense, oil, and megacap tech.


Why settle for only a buy list? Take your investing to the next level with buy zones, correct position sizes, and when to stop out.


The Arora Report provides buy zones as well as target zones and position sizes in the updated Model Portfolio.


Artificial Intelligence


A fortune is to be made in artificial intelligence. The Arora Report is naming 18 artificial intelligence stocks. Four of the 18 stocks are in the Core Model Portfolio right now. Some of the rest of the 18 stocks are in the portfolio that surrounds the Core Model Portfolio, which brings more sophistication to your investing and can generate handsome returns.


Nvidia (NVDA) is the best company to profit from artificial intelligence. However, the best company does not always equate to the best stock. Nvidia’s stock is very expensive. For this reason, consider buying NVDA only on a dip in the buy zone.




During the period when the U.S. and most other markets in the world were in bear territory, the stock market in India hit an all-time high.


India is ascendant and presents a great opportunity for long term investors. India’s population is now larger than China’s population. India has young demographics. Historically, younger demographics mean a better stock market.


In spite of its long term potential, prudent investors need to be careful because India’s stock market is expensive and tends to be volatile. Therefore, you need expert guidance.


The Arora Report is naming the best stock to own for India that you can buy in the U.S.


Electric Vehicles


Electric vehicles are increasing demand for lithium, copper, and rare earth minerals. Everybody knows about Tesla (TSLA), but prudent investors are diversifying into the metals needed for electric vehicles. The Model Portfolio names The Arora Report picks, buy zones, Buy Now ratings, target zones, and position sizes for:


  • Best lithium stock
  • Best copper stock
  • Best rare earth mineral stock


Best Semiconductor Stocks


Semiconductors are the lifeblood of the modern economy. From your phone to your car to your refrigerator, everything uses semiconductors. The Model Portfolio names The Arora Report picks, buy zones, Buy Now ratings, target zones, and positions sizes for:


  • Best semiconductor manufacturing equipment stock
  • Best communication semiconductor stock
  • Best automotive semiconductor stock


Defense and Aerospace


After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, many countries, including the U.S., are spending more on defense. The Model Portfolio names The Arora Report picks, buy zones, Buy Now ratings, target zones, and position sizes for:


  • Best aerospace stock
  • Best missile defense stock


Oil And Gas


There are large opportunities in the oil and gas sector. The Model Portfolio names The Arora Report picks, buy zones, Buy Now ratings, target zones, and position sizes for:


  • Best oil service stock
  • Best major global oil stock
  • Best U.S. oil and gas stock


Best Defensive Stocks


Defensive stocks are part of a well-constructed portfolio, especially in the current environment. The Model Portfolio names the best plays, including buy zones and target zones, in:


  • Medical devices
  • Health insurance
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • More great stocks


Megacap Tech Stocks


Long time subscribers, following the billionaires’ buy zone technique, could have made more than 3400% in Apple stock (AAPL). For long time Arora Report members, AAPL is long from $4.68 and is trading at $164.85 as of this writing. This shows the power of buying in the buy zones and the power of the sophisticated approach that includes positions in six different time frames ranging from very long term to short term.


More Best Stocks


The Model Portfolio also gives you the names of the best stocks in the following:


  • Gold mining
  • Silver
  • Steel
  • Banking
  • Retail
  • Telecommunications
  • Transportation
  • Solar
  • Utilities
  • Chocolate
  • Hydrogen
  • Video games
  • Media


Billionaires Use This Technique


Buy zones are very powerful. This powerful technique is used by billionaires and hedge funds. When a stock dips into the buy zone you buy it.


New buy zones have been published for 38 popular stocks. These stocks together form a well-diversified portfolio suitable for the present market conditions.


Risk Reward Matrix


The real interest of most of our subscribers lies in generating wealth steadily. The only way to generate wealth is to think in terms of risk adjusted returns. The Risk Reward Matrix has become very popular among investors and should be used prior to any purchases to make sure purchases are aligned with your own risk preferences. The Risk Reward Matrix takes into account probabilities of various outcomes. This feature of the Model Portfolio is very popular among our subscribers across the globe including private investors, money managers and investment advisors.


An Important Tip


Prudent investors know that there is market turbulence ahead. For this reason, it is important to not buy stocks when you want them or on a pre-determined schedule. Billionaires and hedge funds buy only those stocks that are in the buy zones, taking into account the probability adjusted risk reward ratio.


Take Your Investing To The Next Level


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