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The feedback from the Arora Ambassador Club members has been very positive.   Members find the next level information very helpful.  For example, here is what Lars has to say:


“The Ambassador Club is a delightful dialogue that stays on point while including a number of very helpful and interesting side comments that enrich the dialogue.  I like the long-range view that is provided.  All in all, this is very helpful for me.”


Members are saying that joining the Arora Ambassador Club is a great investment.


It is with great pleasure that I invite you to become a charter member of the Arora Ambassador Club.  10 years from now you will look back and say to yourself that joining the Arora Ambassador Club was one of the best decisions you made.


Exclusive Limited Membership


The Arora Ambassador Club is an exclusive club where membership is limited.  Limits on membership are essential to fulfill the objective of helping private investors, investment advisors and money managers to maximize the wealth they generate over their lifetimes and protecting their wealth at the same time.


You Can’t Miss The Charter Member Opportunity 


You cannot afford to miss the charter membership opportunity. 


First, if you do not get in now, you may not be able to get in later as membership is limited.


Second, to reward you as a loyal subscriber, you are being offered an extremely attractive deal now.


Why Become A Member


As a subscriber to The Arora Report, you are already in a rarefied group of very thoughtful investors.


  • You want to become a member if your objective is to maximize your wealth over your lifetime.
    You want to become a member if you understand that maximizing wealth over your lifetime is very different from doing a few good trades, becoming lucky with a couple of stocks, or adding a few million dollars to assets under management.
  • You want to become a member if you want to profit from new breakthroughs in life sciences and technologies.
  • You want to become a member if you understand that the risks are very high in this stock market — you do not want to lose the wealth you have already accumulated.
  • You want to become a member if you have seen a chart of the Japanese stock market. Here are the key points:
    • Back in the 1980’s, my Japanese friends were telling me the exact same things about the Japanese stock market as you are telling me now about the U.S. stock market.

To see a larger chart, please click here.

    • On December 29, 1989, Nikkei 225 (the equivalent of Dow Jones Industrial Average) hit an all-time high of 38,957.44.
    • Twenty years later, on March 10, 2009, the Japanese stock market lost 81.9% of its value from the peak hitting a low of 7,054.98.
  • The investors in the U.S. stock market are suffering from the same recency bias that investors in the Japanese stock market suffered from in the 1980’s. Recency bias simply means that investors project the recent past onto the future — it is saying that the road ahead will be the same as the road in the rearview mirror.
  • The U.S. is not Japan, but consider the following undeniable facts.
    • According to the U.S. government, the national debt now stands at over $221,312 for every household.
    • Conveniently for the politicians, the headline number is highly misleading. When you count unfunded liabilities such as social security and Medicare, the debt stands at over $889,802 for every household in the U.S.
    • There are consequences to heavy borrowing and money printing. No one can tell how big the bubble will become before it bursts.
  • You want to become a member if your objective is to make money while simultaneously protecting yourself from the ultimate consequences of heavy borrowing and money printing. 


How You Will Benefit


Knowledge is power. Your best allies are the information you gather and the knowledge you gain.


You already get great coverage of what matters, great investments, and trades from our four services.  As a Club member, you will also receive additional knowledge and information that is highly focused and insightful to help you be successful irrespective of what is ahead.


We are planning a number of podcasts for Club members.  The podcasts will cover everything you need to protect your wealth and at the same time profit from new breakthroughs in life sciences and technologies.


Here is a sampling of the topics we plan to cover.


  • The dirty secret of the president and the Fed chair you need to know
  • Protection against the bubble bursting
  • Investments to protect against inflation
  • Breakthroughs in gene editing
  • Breakthroughs in regenerative medicine
  • Breakthroughs in cancer treatments and vaccines
  • Breakthroughs in stem cells
  • Breakthroughs in synthetic biology
  • Breakthrough in psychedelics
  • Breakthroughs in cannabis
  • Breakthroughs in batteries
  • Breakthroughs in wireless electricity
  • The rewards and perils of cryptocurrencies — bitcoin
  • Opportunities in metaverse
  • Opportunities in NFTs
  • Opportunities in fintech
  • Opportunities in space exploration
  • Evolution of electric cars
  • Evolution of green energy
  • Evolution of carbon capture and storage
  • The hydrogen future
  • Opportunities in robotics
  • Opportunities in artificial intelligence
  • Opportunities in 6G networks
  • The new super electrification cycle
  • The rewards and perils of
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT)


The Difficult Problem You Face


There is no shortage of information. Providers of a vast majority of information are beholden to advertisers or companies or have other conflicts of interest. 


Since you are an astute person, you already know that it is very difficult to find completely objective and independent analysis where the only agenda is your success.


The Arora Report is a rare service that is totally independent, totally objective, and totally dedicated to your interests.  Our sole job is to help you.


The Arora Report has distinguished itself by forsaking millions of dollars in revenues by adopting the following policies to serve the astute private investors, investment advisors, and money managers.


  • We have refused to make money by accepting advertisements. Advertisements are a big revenue source for most media.
  • We have refused to make money by accepting payments from the companies we write about. For some services, this is the biggest revenue source.
  • We have refused to make money by accepting payments from brokers.
  • We have refused to make money by selling securities.
  • We have refused to make money by accepting investment banking business from the companies we write about.

The Arora Report is a rare firm that has adopted all these policies.  We serve you without any conflict of interest.


How To Join


There are two great ways to join.


Free when you help your friends.




Take advantage of a 71% discount as a charter member.


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As a charter member you’re eligible for Gold Charter Plan to get a 71% discount — you pay only $2.74 per day, less than a cup of coffee at Starbucks.  The regular price of $3,500 is temporarily discounted to $999.97 for charter members.


You know that you are committed to protecting the wealth you have already accumulated and maximizing the wealth you generate over your lifetime.  Should you prefer, this is also your opportunity to lock in the extremely attractive charter member rate for three years for only $2999.91 before this limited time offer disappears. 


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Most of you will want to recommend The Arora Report to all your friends who can benefit — there is a minimum of six recommendations and no maximum.


Your initial free membership will be for six months. The free membership will be extended based on how many of your friends join The Arora Report.


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I am looking forward to seeing you in the Club, protecting your wealth and profiting from breakthroughs.  Should you have any questions, please write to


Happy and prosperous investing,


Nigam Arora