39.5% Profit In One Day

The Arora Report gave a signal to buy biotech MorphoSys AG (MOR). The signal stated that MorphoSys was likely to be bought out and result in hefty gains for investors.
Only a day later, a major, multinational, biopharma company Novartis (NVS) agreed to buyout MorphoSys. The result is 39.5% profit in one day to the buyout price.

The Chart

Note the following:
  • The chart shows when Arora buy signal was given.
  • The signal indicated that MorphoSys had become a buyout target.
  • To control risk, the signal also provided a stop loss and recommended quantity.
  • The signal also provided a target zone.
  • The chart shows the move up on the buyout.

Opportunities In Cancer Cures

The reason Novartis was willing to pay such a high price for MorphoSys was MorphoSys’s drug that is under development called pelabresib. Pelabresib may be a game changer in myelofibrosis and knotty lymphomas.

Lucrative Space

Curing cancer has become a lucrative space for big pharma. Big pharma is hunting for smaller biotechs with promising drugs. When these biotechs get bought out, they produce huge profits for investors.

Unrivaled Record

The Arora Report specializes in finding companies that get bought out. To date, 190 Arora Report portfolio companies have been bought out, producing a fortune for long time members of The Arora Report. This performance is better than firms charging upwards of $50,000 per year. With The Arora Report, you get so much more.


The Arora Report gives you a variety of opportunities. We just illustrated the opportunity with a cancer drug biotech. Here are other examples of successful Arora signals:
  • Iconic American steel company
  • A natural gas producer
  • Software company producing simulation software
  • Retailer of luxury handbags
  • Infrastructure software company
  • Entertain and sports company
  • A defense company
  • Aluminum fabricator
  • A biotech producing treatments for psoriasis
  • A biotech finding cures for rare and rheumatic diseases
  • A company providing value based healthcare


You Too Can Make A Fortune

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