An elite group of your fellow investors has made nice profits in the bear stock market at a time when most investors have seen significant losses in their portfolios.  


Investors in this elite group are well on their way to making $2 million – $5 million more than most investors.  At the same time, these successful investors are taking much less risk with their nest eggs.  


How are these investors generating high risk adjusted returns?  


Using Billionaire Techniques


They are using Wall Street’s best kept secrets and techniques employed by billionaires and hedge funds.  The common thread between investors who are taking less risk and generating bigger returns is that they are members of The Arora Report.  


“The reason I like The Arora Report is that the advice is highly scientific and evidence based. It is similar to the evidence based medicine doctors practice. Based on my first hand experience with a number of services, I know The Arora Report is the best investment advice out there. I highly recommend it.”

The Arora Report is a globally respected investment research firm that has a long track record of being the most accurate in both bull and bear markets.  


Multiple Edges


The Arora Report gives investors multiple edges in the markets to dramatically outperform.  


Making A Fortune From Buyouts


One of the edges is The Arora Report’s success in picking companies that get bought out.  To date, over 192 of The Arora Report portfolio companies have been bought out, producing a fortune for long-time members.  This record is better than firms charging $50,000 per year. 


Proven Stock and ETF Selection


An example of another edge is stock and ETF selection that produces high risk adjusted returns. The Arora Report portfolio has a track record of outperforming. Here are a few examples of the outperformance:


  • 80% on inverse Treasury bond ETF (TBT)
  • 60% on major oil company Shell (SHEL)
  • 58% on commodity ETF (PDBC)
  • 58% on oil and gas company EOG Resources (EOG)
  • 51% on pharmaceutical company Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMY)
  • 42% on oil and gas exploration ETF (XOP)
  • 36% on inverse Nasdaq ETF (PSQ)
  • 34% on chocolate producer Hershey (HSY)

“Your service is always the deciding factor as to whether I enter a trade or not. Your picks are fantastic, and your market timing is truly unparalleled. I subscribe to a newsletter that is world-famous for its market timing, but it doesn't even come close to anticipating events the way you do."

The Arora Report members benefit from a unique system developed over a quarter of a century that incorporates Wall Street’s best kept secrets and techniques used by billionaires and hedge funds.  


You Too Can Now Use Billionaire Techniques


Fortunately, many techniques used by billionaires and hedge funds are simple enough that any serious investor can use them and reap the benefits.


I cordially invite you to accept with our compliments, at no cost to you, the acclaimed brief titled “Ten Easy To Use Billionaire Techniques.”  To gain access to the brief, please fill out the form below.



Nigam Arora


The Arora Report

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