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A fortune is to be made.  You owe it to yourself to make a fortune in artificial intelligence (AI), but at the same time you have to protect your wealth against China’s new attack on the U.S. dollar.  Remember, your wealth is in U.S. dollars.


Making A Fortune In Artificial Intelligence

A fortune is to be made in AI. ChatGPT has unleashed the golden age of AI.  For example, paying members of The Arora Report were able to buy Nvidia (NVDA) stock at $125.51 just before NVDA took off in the AI buying frenzy, ultimately reaching over $500.  Many members of The Arora Report have a 262% gain in a matter of months.


The Key To Profits

No worries if you missed out on making 262% in a few months.  There are plenty of opportunities ahead.  The key is to be subscribed to The Arora Report paying services so that you can capture opportunities as they arise. 


Grab Your Share Of The $5 Trillion Opportunity

The Arora Report is estimating that AI is a $5 trillion opportunity.  There are immense opportunities for investors to generate wealth over the next few years from this $5 trillion opportunity.


AI is real.  It is very different from SPACs, cryptos, and NFTs where enthusiastic investors lost billions. So far, AI is not in a bubble.  It is a buying frenzy.


The fact that a majority of the gains in the stock market this year are due to AI shows that you have to invest in AI otherwise you will be left behind.


The Most Important Breakthrough Since The iPhone

ChatGPT is potentially the most important breakthrough since the iPhone. You want as many opportunities as possible with high risk adjusted returns to benefit from this game changing technology.  There will be opportunities from both the long side and the short side.  Many companies will flourish due to AI. At the same time, business models of many companies will be disrupted, and their stocks will lose significant value.


Artificial intelligence is very different from the iPhone in one aspect that is very important for investors. To profit from the iPhone, you could have simply bought the stock of Apple. Buying just one or two companies to make a fortune from AI is a serious mistake. Investing in AI is going to be treacherous because business models of many companies will be seriously disrupted. Without expert guidance, many investors will lose their shirts.


Protect Your Wealth From China’s Attack On The Dollar

Your wealth is in U.S. dollars.  China has now accelerated its attack on the U.S. dollar.  The reason is that China wants to replace the U.S. as the number one superpower in the world.  The Chinese Communist Party knows well that the U.S.’s strength, in part, is derived from the strength of the king dollar.  For this reason, China has accelerated its attack on the U.S. dollar.  Now, they have the support of BRICS. 


Since your wealth is in the U.S. dollar, you have to protect your wealth against this major attack.  The best way to protect yourself is to become a paying member of The Arora Report with the Corporate Bundle 1 package. 


BRICS Summit

BRICS is a bloc that has consisted of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa.  In the latest BRICS summit, Iran, Egypt, Ethiopia, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, and U.A.E. have been invited to join BRICS. 


50 more countries want to join BRICS.


67 countries were invited to attend the summit.  Of special interest to you is that the U.S. and its allies were not invited.  Why were the U.S. and its allies not invited?  The reason is that the main goal of this expanding geopolitical bloc is to attack the strength of the U.S. dollar. 


It is worth repeating, since your wealth is in the U.S. dollar, you have to protect your wealth against this major attack.  The best way to protect yourself is to become a paying member of The Arora Report with the Corporate Bundle 1 package. 


The Secret

The secret behind the unmatched record is the interplay between, the unique ZYX Change Method, and the comprehensive Adaptive ZYX Asset Allocation Model. In plain English, adaptive means a model that changes itself automatically with market conditions. Conventional static models suffer from a major weakness — they stop working when market conditions change.


Turning $100,000 Into Over $1,500,000

Our subscribers are smart, and they want to make good financial decisions. 


To accomplish their purposes, investors have been telling us that it makes sense to them to have yearly subscriptions, subscriptions spanning multiple years, or subscriptions to all four services to get more opportunities and lower risks. 


The Arora Report gives investors multiple edges they cannot get anywhere else.  With the help of The Arora Report, they have beaten the market, and they intend on doing so for a long time.  With The Arora Report, an investor could have turned $100,000 into over $1,500,000.


Also Making Money In Bear Markets

In the last three bear markets, many subscribers to Corporate Bundle 1 had positive returns.  During the 2022 bear market, when Nasdaq lost 33%, many Corporate Bundle 1 subscribers had a return of over 20%. 


During the 2008 great financial crash when S&P 500 lost half of its value and many investors lost 70% – 90%, many Corporate Bundle 1 subscribers had over 40% positive return.


What is their secret? They subscribe to Corporate Bundle 1.


Making A Fortune From Buyouts

Our subscribers have made a fortune from our remarkable success in identifying companies that get bought out.  To date, over 183 of our portfolio companies have been bought out. This record is significantly better than boutique research firms charging over $50,000 per year.


Accelerate Wealth Generation

Every investor is unique.  Imagine if you could customize a service to suit your personal preference and goals — you will perform significantly better. You can easily customize The Arora Report to your preferences.


Based on the last 16 years that included three bear markets, I can safely say those investors who subscribe to Corporate Bundle 1 will generate more wealth over the next seven year period of 2023 to 2030.


Corporate Bundle 1 is especially well suited for making a fortune in artificial intelligence over the next seven years.


Corporate Bundle 1 provides more opportunities and lowers risks.


Corporate Bundle 1 is your key to accelerate wealth generation.


Up To $1000 Cash Back – Double Bonus

Take advantage of the Labor Day Sale.  This is your opportunity to get up to $1000 cash back.  You get a double bonus totaling up to $1000.  


First Bonus 

The first bonus is up to $700 cash back when you take a subscription. 


Get $700 cash back with a 2-year subscription to Corporate Bundle 1. With Corporate Bundle 1, you can benefit from opportunities in AI on both the long side and the short side.  


Get $300 cash back with a 1-year subscription to Corporate Bundle 1. 

Get $100 cash back with any other subscription at The Arora Report. 

Second Bonus

The second bonus is $300 cash back when you decide to add the Higher Returns With Bulletproof Techniques seminar.  

Nine out of ten attendees report that this seminar totally transformed the way they invest and trade. The return on your seminar registration fee is over 10,000% when you follow the techniques you learn in the seminar. 

The Most Important Added Bonus

This additional bonus can increase your lifetime profits from the market by $2 million to $5 million dollars.


When you subscribe, you get access to Trade Management Guidelines. These are the techniques used by billionaires and hedge funds.  You can learn and continue to use these techniques even if you decide to cancel.


Which Arora Service Is For You?

You can customize The Arora Report to your preferences. 

  • If you are interested in accelerating wealth generation, the most opportunities, and lowering your risks, consider subscribing to Corporate Bundle 1. With this bundle you get all four services for the cost of two.  
  • If you want to subscribe to only one service, are interested in individual stocks, and interested in both long term and short term positions, subscribe to ZYX Buy. 
  • If you want to subscribe to only one service and are interested in ETFs and medium to long term investments, subscribe to ZYX Allocation. 
  • If you are interested in making money from the market, stocks, and ETFs going down by short selling, subscribe to ZYX Short. 
  • Long term growth is in emerging markets such as India, Indonesia, Vietnam and Brazil. If this is your focus, subscribe to ZYX Emerging.


What To Do Now

Every morning we update you on what to do now: 

  • How much cash to hold 
  • How much in hedges to hold 
  • What to do with long-term positions 


Completely Objective And Independent

The Arora Report is a rare publisher that does not accept advertisements.  The Arora Report has forsaken a very large sum of money by not accepting advertisements, payments from companies and payments from brokers. This way The Arora Report is dedicated solely to investors, investment advisors, and money managers.


The Arora Report has become one of the most respected advisories across the globe not only for its unrivaled performance record over both bull and bear markets but also because we teach investors, investment advisors, wealth managers, and money managers the secrets they need to know to generate wealth.


Grab The Opportunity Now

The opportunity is yours. Grab the opportunity now. You do not want to miss out on making a fortune from AI and at the same time protecting your wealth against attacks on the dollar by China and Russia.


Best Regards, 


Nigam Arora
The Arora Report 

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