At The Arora Report we are humbled by our great track record of making money in marijuana stocks and investments. Upon requests from investors for Nigam Arora to teach them the secrets and techniques to become a successful marijuana investor, the coaching seminar to help investors was developed. Investors have attended the seminar in overwhelming numbers.

It is our pleasure to cordially invite you to attend the coaching seminar, Make Millions in Marijuana — Albeit Carefully.  To help investors we are also making a special offer.

Know The Reality And Become Astute

Everyone knows that marijuana is going to be big.

Those who are naïve think that all they have to do is buy some marijuana stocks. Those who are sophisticated know that just buying some marijuana stocks at  elevated prices and holding them is likely a recipe for losing a lot of money. In contrast to naïve investors astute investors with experience recognize that while some will make millions by investing in marijuana stocks, most will lose their shirts. This makes sense because of high volatility, stock prices being divorced from fundamentals, pump and dump schemes, trading mostly based on sentiment and short squeezes, and occasional frauds.

Making Money In Marijuana

It has been proven that making money in marijuana takes knowledge, skill and a system such as ZYX Change Method.

This coaching seminar lays out a comprehensive road map to make money by investing and trading in the marijuana space. The seminar is designed to give you knowledge and techniques to help you be successful.

Online On-demand

This is an online on-demand  seminar.  You will be able to watch it and study it at your leisure anytime over the next six months.  You will be able to watch it and revisit it as many times as you want to make sure you learn what you need to know.

13 Modules

The seminar consists of 13 modules to give you a comprehensive road map.  You can watch the entire seminar and revisit the modules as needed.

Double Special Offer

This is a double special offer. It starts by saving you $1,505 from the regular price and then it adds additional savings of $500 for a total savings of $2,005.

Register Now — The Arora Report Subscribers

This is a double special offer that gives $2,005 discount to The Arora Report subscribers.

Please click here to register to start becoming consistently successful in marijuana investing and trading.

Register Now — Non Arora Report Subscribers

Please click here to register to start becoming consistently successful in marijuana investing and trading.


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