Since 2007, ZYX Buy Change Alert remains number one in terms of performance in services of this type.


Thousands of investors across the globe have witnessed and thoroughly scrutinized the performance of The Arora Report in real time since 2007.

At The Arora Report, we have worked hard to provide numerous options for each investor to customize our services in a way that suits him or her personally. It is simply impractical to publish performance of a large number of resultant combinations.

To help potential subscribers, we provide three qualitative ways to judge performance for themselves.

  • The Good Way
  • The Better Way
  • The Best Way

To learn more, please go to Performance Overview page and scroll down to the section titled ‘The Performance Context.’


Since 2007, ZYX Buy Change Alert has cumulatively outperformed S&P 500 and Credit Suisse Hedge Fund Index by over 528% under one scenario. Subscribers can customize the service to their own preferences and thus many scenarios are possible. Your performance may be different. Please see Terms of Use.


Posts containing trades on The Arora Report Market Blog are made in real time simultaneously with posts in our paid services. Trades on the Market Blog are a small fraction of the trades in paid services but are a representation of the paid services, there may be differences.

The Arora Report Market Blog is fully public. Trades on the Market Blog immediately become visible to thousands of investors across the globe. The trades also become visible on Google and Twitter in real time. These trades are followed and scrutinized by thousands of readers.


This way newcomers to the site are assured of the veracity of the performance data without any effort on their part.
Further, any investor at any time can easily verify these trades from public records.

As a further assurance of the truthfulness of the veracity of the performance record, the founder and the CEO of The Arora Report, Nigam Arora, provides the following statement;

Every closed trade on The Arora Report Market Blog since inception in 2007, without exception, is included in the following performance record.

The list is typically updated quarterly.

Number of winning trades: 355

Number of losing trades: 26

Number of breakeven trades: 2

Average percentage annualized return per trade: 1107.41%

wdt_IDSymbolLong/ShortAverage Days Held% Return% Annualized ReturnExit Date
1 0
2 JOE L 862 10.60% 4.49% 10/07/2015
3 GKOS L 52 66.66% 467.91% 09/26/2015
4 OWW2 L 114 37.51% 120.10% 09/17/2015
5 TE L 56 35.89% 233.94% 09/10/2015
6 VXX L 79 0.37% 1.70% 09/02/2015
7 BABA L 203 26.87% 48.31% 08/12/2015
8 HLS L 16 6.23% 142.13% 08/05/2015
9 PTCT SS 151 10.21% 24.68% 07/07/2015
10 HERO L 470 110.69% 85.96% 06/30/2015

Annualized % return per position should not be extrapolated to portfolio performance. Portfolio performance has many other factors that come into the picture. Note that longer term positions produce lower annualized returns.


When you take a FREE 30 day trial subscription, you are provided with over five years of archives. You can use these archives to verify performance.

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