Greetings friend,


Isn’t it high time to supercharge your investing in 2024 with the best of everything?  


Chances are you have left a lot of money on the table by not using the best of everything in your investing.  No worries.  You can start 2024 right by using the best of everything to supercharge your investing.


When you supercharge your investing, you get significantly higher returns with significantly lower risks.  By supercharging, you will be on the path to the holy grail of investing – achieving high risk adjusted returns.  


There was a time when it would have been an impossible task to use the best of everything in your investing.  Fortunately, now there is an easy way to use the best of everything to supercharge your investing.  


I have dedicated my life to putting together the best of everything, optimizing it, proving it, and making the best way to invest easily available to you. 


Thousands of individual investors, investment advisors, and money managers have already benefited from my life’s work.  Now it is your turn.  


Let’s explore together.  


The Best Of Everything


There is a wide range of investing and trading approaches.  They all have advantages and disadvantages.  What if you could take the best elements of each approach and synergistically combine them in a unique practical framework? Intuitively, you already know that such a synergistic combination will help you achieve unrivaled performance.  One of the reasons behind the success of The Arora Report with thousands of members across the globe is the synergistic combination of popular approaches in a rigorous, analytical framework bound by Arora’s 30 Laws of Investing and Trading.


You get the best of everything:

         360 Degree Analysis

•   The best of global macro analysis

•   The best of deep fundamental analysis

•   The best of technical analysis

•   The best of quantitative analysis

         Growth Vs. Value Vs. Moonshots

•   The best of growth investing

•   The best of value investing

•   The best of moonshot

         Long Term Investing And Trading

•   The best of buy and hold

•   The best of market timing

•   The best of long term investing

•   The best of short term trading


•   The best of investing in the U.S.

•   The best of investing in international developed markets

•   The best of investing in emerging markets

•   The best of investing in frontier markets

        Investing By Size

•   The best of large cap investing

•   The best of mid cap investing

•   The best of small cap investing

•   The best of micro cap investing

         Judicious Combination

•   The best of conservative investments

•   The best of aggressive investments

•   The best of speculative investments

         Innovative Risk Controls

•   The best of securities selection

•   The best of hedging

•   The best of protection band

•   The best of position sizing

•   The best of long/short strategies

•   The best of stops

•   The best of targets

•   The best of scaling in

•   The best of scaling out

•   The best of buy zones

•   The best of short zones

•   The best of ratings

        Individual Stocks Vs. ETFs

•   The best of individual stocks

•   The best of ETFs

         360 Degree Diversification

•   The best of diversification by sectors

•   The best of diversification by industries

•   The best of diversification by geography

•   The best of diversification by time frames

•   The best of diversification by strategies

•   The best of diversification between equities, commodities (including precious metals and oil), fixed income (bonds), and currencies


As you can see, there is nothing else out there that has combined, optimized, and proven the best of everything with a longer, unrivaled track record.  You may have already used one or two of the techniques and made money from it.  Imagine your future when you combine the best of everything and extract more money out of the markets than you ever thought possible.  Imagine your future where you are able to avoid pitfalls and minimize losses in the markets.  


You can see the benefits to you.  Now it is time for you to capture the benefits like thousands of your fellow individual investors, investment advisors, and money managers.


Making Money From Innovations


The pace of innovation is increasing.  You want to grab your share of the money to be made from promising innovations such as:

•   Artificial intelligence

•   Electric vehicles

•   Battery advancements

•   Virtual powerplants

•   Carbon capture

•   Hydrogen

•   Robotics

•   Augmented reality

•   Space exploration

•   Green energy

•   Weight loss drugs

•   Cancer vaccines

•   Gene editing

•   Stem cells

•   Regenerative medicine

•   Synthetic biology

•   Psychedelics

•   Cryptocurrencies


Three Long Term Examples


Over the years, The Arora Report has made hundreds of great calls.  Let us together take three examples so you can see how much money you would have made with The Arora Report.  



Long time members of The Arora Report are holding Apple (AAPL) from $4.68.  This represents a gain of 4014%.  The Arora Report was quick to recognize the potential of the iPhone when Steve Jobs first introduced it.  No worries if you missed this huge gain.  The Arora Report is always providing a stream of new opportunities.  



The Arora Report members were able to buy Nvidia (NVDA) at an average price of $125.51, just before Nvidia stock took off on the artificial intelligence buying frenzy.  The Arora Report members have a profit of 295% in about one and a half years.  The Arora Report was the first to correctly call the upcoming stock market excitement over artificial intelligence.


Applied Materials

To succeed spectacularly, you also need stocks that are less well known.  Applied Materials (AMAT) is not as well known as Apple and Nvidia.  It is our favorite stock to benefit from artificial intelligence.  The foundation of artificial intelligence is advances in semiconductors.  To make advanced semiconductors, sophisticated manufacturing equipment is needed.   Applied Materials is the world’s largest producer of semiconductor manufacturing equipment for chips needed for artificial intelligence.  The Arora Report members own Applied Materials from an average price of $16.  This represents a gain of 913%.  


ETFs With Great Performance


You can do so much better than investing in a popular index ETFs such S&P 500 ETF.  As an example, 2023 was one of the best years for index ETFs.  S&P 500 gained 24%.  Compare this to semiconductor ETF SMH.  Semiconductor ETF SMH gained 72% in 2023 – nearly three times the gain in S&P 500.  


In 2023, semiconductor ETF SMH was the largest holding in the ZYX Allocation Model Portfolio with up to 16% weighting.  Longtime members of The Arora Report have a 2099% gain in 2023 in semiconductor ETF SMH.  


Artificial intelligence ETF AIQ gained 55% in 2023.  There was an allocation of up to 7% in the ZYX Allocation Model Portfolio.  


The Power Of Short Term Trades


All investors are different.  Some like long term investing, while others like short term trading.  With The Arora Report, you can customize based on your own individual preference.  


If you want to extract the maximum money you can from the markets, then you should combine long term investing with short term trades.  


Over the years, The Arora Report has produced an unrivaled record in both long term investing and short term trading.  There have been hundreds of successful short term trading signals.  Let us explore two examples.


Weight Loss Drug

The Arora Report members already have huge gains on Eli Lilly (LLY) stock.  The stock has been driven by the popularity of weight loss drugs.  The Arora Report had been on the hunt for unknown companies with promising new weight loss drugs.  The hunt resulted in a buy signal on Altimmune (ALT).  The signal produced a 205% gain in 19 trading days. 


New Heart Drug

In addition to the acclaimed research of The Arora Report, Dr. Natasha Arora, a graduate of Harvard Medical School, has brought numerous opportunities to The Arora Report members by identifying unknown companies with promising research.  As an example, Dr. Arora identified Cytokinetics (CYTK) with a promising heart drug.  The Arora Report gave a buy signal to its members.  From the Arora signal, there was a gain of 120% in six trading days


Protect Your Wealth From Reckless Government Spending


You owe it to yourself to protect your wealth from rising U.S. deficits and the $34 trillion U.S. national debt.  At the same time, you will want to make a fortune in artificial intelligence, weight loss drugs, and other innovations.  


Fortunately, a large number of your fellow investors are already both protecting their wealth and making a fortune by investing overseas and also profiting when prices go down.  Now, you too can easily join your fellow investors.  


Here are the two key points:

•   Money is to be made in the U.S. and outside the U.S. Yet, most investors have 100% of their investments in the U.S.

•   Money is to be made when prices go up and when prices go down. Yet, most investors try to make money only when prices are going up and do nothing more than complain when prices go down. Imagine if someone insisted on driving only on one-way roads that went north.


Protect Your Wealth From China’s Attack On The Dollar


Your wealth is in U.S. dollars.  China has now accelerated its attack on the U.S. dollar.  The reason is that China wants to replace the U.S. as the number one superpower in the world.  The Chinese Communist Party knows well that the U.S.’s strength, in part, is derived from the strength of the king dollar.  For this reason, China has accelerated its attack on the U.S. dollar.  Now, they have the support of BRICS.  


Since your wealth is in the U.S. dollar, you have to protect your wealth against this major attack.  The best way to protect yourself is to become a member of The Arora Report with the Corporate Bundle 1 package. 


BRICS Summit


BRICS is a bloc that has consisted of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa.  Now, six more countries have joined the BRICS bloc.  The new countries are Iran, Egypt, Ethiopia, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, and U.A.E. 


50 more countries want to join BRICS.


67 countries were invited to attend the BRICS summit.  Of special interest to you is that the U.S. and its allies were not invited.  Why were the U.S. and its allies not invited?  The reason is that the main goal of this expanding geopolitical bloc is to attack the strength of the U.S. dollar.  


It is worth repeating, since your wealth is in the U.S. dollar, you have to protect your wealth against this major attack.  The best way to protect yourself is to become a member of The Arora Report with the Corporate Bundle 1 package.  


When you join with Corporate Bundle 1, you get more opportunities, and you lower your risks.  


Also Making Money In Bear Markets


In the last three bear markets, many members with Corporate Bundle 1 had positive returns.  During the 2022 bear market, when Nasdaq lost 33%, many Corporate Bundle 1 members had a return of over 20%.  


During the 2008 great financial crash when S&P 500 lost half of its value and many investors lost 70% – 90%, many Corporate Bundle 1 members had over 40% positive return. 


What is their secret? They joined The Arora Report with the Corporate Bundle 1 package.


Four Mega Trends Have Ended


The four mega trends that drove the 40 year secular bull market have ended.  Going forward, there are going to be cyclical bull markets and cyclical bear markets.  Going forward, many strategies that investors used in the past 40 years are not going to work.  The good news is that in the future environment, Corporate Bundle 1 will likely perform significantly better than its already great past performance.


The Secret


The secret behind the unmatched benefits of The Arora Report’s unrivaled performance is the interplay between the unique ZYX Change Method, and the comprehensive Adaptive ZYX Asset Allocation Model. In plain English, adaptive means a model that changes itself automatically with market conditions. Most models on Wall Street are static models.  Conventional static models suffer from a major weakness — they stop working when market conditions change.


Turning $100,000 Into Over $2,000,000


The Arora Report gives investors multiple edges they cannot get anywhere else.  With the help of The Arora Report, investors have beaten the market, and they intend on doing so for a long time.  With The Arora Report, an investor could have turned $100,000 into over $2,000,000.


Making A Fortune From Buyouts


Our members have made a fortune from our remarkable success in identifying companies that get bought out.  To date, over 186 of The Arora Report portfolio companies have been bought out. This record is significantly better than firms charging over $50,000 per year.  With The Arora Report, you get so much more, not just buyouts.  


Double Bonus


With the New Year Sale, when you become a paying member, you get a double bonus.  


The Most Important Added Bonus

This additional bonus can increase your lifetime profits from the markets by $2 million to $5 million dollars.

When you are a member, you get access to Trade Management Guidelines. These are the techniques used by billionaires and hedge funds.  You can learn and continue to use these techniques even if you decide to cancel.


Life Changing 

When you attend the Higher Returns With Bulletproof Techniques seminar, you can literally change your life with the knowledge you gain.  You cannot get this knowledge in a synergistic framework bound by Arora’s 30 Laws of Investing And Trading anywhere else.  Due to the very high value of this knowledge, these laws are closely guarded and are available only to The Arora Report members.    

Nine out of ten attendees report that this seminar totally transformed the way they invest and trade. The return on your seminar registration fee is over 10,000% when you follow the techniques you learn in the seminar.  

By becoming a member of The Arora Report now, you get a second bonus of $300 cash back when you attend this life changing seminar.  


The Perplexing Question You Face


Market are not always serene.  When markets become volatile, often you face perplexing questions of what to do now.  As a member of The Arora Report, you get daily expert guidance with a great long term record.  


Every morning we update you on what to do now: 

•   How much cash to hold 

•   How much in hedges to hold 

•   What positions to hold

•   What positions to buy

•   What positions to sell

•   What positions to short 


The Difficult Problem You Face


There is no shortage of advice and information about investing.  As a matter of fact, for most investors, there is an overload of investing advice and investing information.  Most investors are also bombarded with advisors trying to sell them something.  


You face a difficult problem – you recognize that some advisors and a vast majority of information providers are beholden to their self-interests, companies, advertisers, or other conflicts of interest.  Add these conflicts of interest to the overload of information, and the problem becomes even more difficult for you.   


Since you are an astute person, you already know that it is very difficult to find completely objective and independent analysis where the only agenda is your success.  It is even more difficult to get highly curated information and objective analysis in an actionable form without verbosity that is time efficient for you.  


In the world of investing, very little is transparent.  There are hidden fees everywhere.  


The Arora Report is a rare global research firm with the following characteristics:

•   The Arora Report does not sell stocks, bonds, options, ETFs, mutual funds, insurance products, or other investment products. 

•   The Arora Report is totally independent.

•   The Arora Report is totally objective.

•   There are no hidden fees.

•   The Arora Report has no conflicts of interest.  


The Arora Report is totally dedicated to your interests.  Our sole job is to help you succeed spectacularly.  The Arora Report has grown by our members recommending The Arora Report to their family members, friends, partners, and coworkers.  


The Arora Report has distinguished itself by forsaking millions of dollars in revenues by adopting the following policies to serve astute individual investors, investment advisors, and money managers.


•   The Arora Report has refused to make money by selling stocks, bonds, options, ETFs, mutual funds, insurance products, or other investment products. 

•   Advertisements are a big revenue source for most firms.  The real fact is that advertisers are able to influence the media.  Since The Arora Report does not accept advertising, The Arora Report cannot be influenced.  This way, The Arora Report stays true to its core value of working solely in your best interest.  

•   The Arora Report has refused to make money by accepting payments from the companies we write about. For some firms, this is the biggest revenue source.

•   The Arora Report has refused to make money by accepting payments from brokers.

•   The Arora Report has refused to accept money from public relation firms and investor relation firms. 

•   The Arora Report has refused to make money by accepting investment banking business from the companies we write about.

•   The Arora Report has refused to make money with hidden fees. 


The Arora Report is a rare firm that has adopted all these policies.  We serve you without any conflict of interest.


Maximize Returns Over Your Lifetime


When you set your goal to maximize the wealth you generate over your lifetime, the simple action of sharply focusing on this goal makes a significant difference in the wealth you accumulate. Here is a podcast that will help you focus on maximizing the wealth you generate over your lifetime.


Which Arora Service Is For You?


You can customize The Arora Report to your preferences. 

•   If you are interested in accelerating wealth generation, the most opportunities, and lowering your risks, consider subscribing to Corporate Bundle 1. With this bundle you get all four of the services below for the cost of two.  

•   If you want to join only one service, are interested in individual stocks, and interested in both long term and short term positions, join ZYX Buy. 

•   If you want to join only one service and are interested in ETFs and medium to long term investments, join ZYX Allocation. 

•   If you are interested in making money from the market, stocks, and ETFs going down by short selling, join ZYX Short. 

•   Long term growth is in emerging markets such as India, Indonesia, Vietnam and Brazil. If this is your focus, join ZYX Emerging.


Free Trial


To help you supercharge your investing in 2024, this is a very special offer for you to take a 30 day free trial.  


Act Now To Supercharge Your Investing In 2024


The Arora Report has become one of the most respected firms across the globe not only for its unrivaled performance in both bull and bear markets, but also because we teach individual investors, investment advisors, wealth managers, and money managers the secrets they need to know to maximize the wealth they generate over their lifetimes.


The opportunity is yours to supercharge your investing in 2024 for greater returns and lower risks. You can grab the opportunity now for less than a cup of coffee per day.


Become a member of our most popular service ZYX Buy Change Alert today with a free 30 day trial. Cancel within 30 days and owe nothing, no questions asked.  Your credit card is not charged during the first 30 days.  Your satisfaction during the trial is 100% guaranteed.

Take a free trial to Corporate Bundle 1 today and:

•   Get all four The Arora Report services for the cost of two.

•   Maximize your profits with more opportunities and lower risks.

•   Receive double bonuses, including billionaire and hedge fund techniques and cash back.


Act now and supercharge your investing in 2024!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your satisfaction during the free trial is 100% guaranteed.  Cancel within 30 days and owe nothing.  No questions asked.  The credit card of new members will not be charged during the 30 day free trial.   


Join thousands of your fellow individual investors, investment advisors, and money managers to supercharge your investing in 2024.


Best regards,


Nigam Arora
The Arora Report


P.S. We are so confident of the very high value of the membership that we offer free 30 day trials before your credit card is even charged.  If you are not yet ready for a paid membership, consider FREE FOREVER GROW WEALTH membership.  This tier of membership is guaranteed to be absolutely free forever, and there are never any hidden fees.  To join FREE FOREVER GROW WEALTH, please fill out the form below.

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