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  2. “The Arora Report, Ltd.” hereinafter “TAR”. is an Indiana Corporation.  You expressly agree that all the following terms also apply to employees, officers, directors, contractors and affiliates of TAR.
  3. TAR does not accept payment from any company for writing about its stock. TAR also does not accept advertising. This way TAR can not be influenced and can stay completely independent.
  4. All content is provided for education and information only.  Nothing should be interpreted as investment advice, as an endorsement or as an offer to buy or sell any security. You  are provided archives for a certain period. You agree to independently, carefully  and thoroughly evaluate the archives including your own independent determination of the performance and other factors important to you exclusively from the archives, completely not based on the content of this site immediately after subscription and  promptly cancel the subscription if in your sole opinion the subscription or the content is not suitable for you, the service does not meet your expectations in any way  or if you can not handle losses that are an integral part of investing and trading.  You agree that as part of your evaluation you will make a determination of the performance you would have achieved based on your style and preferences using the archives and promptly cancel if the performance as independently and solely determined  by you does not meet your requirements or expectations in any way. Regarding performance, TAR offerings are not ‘copy the trade’; your performance, based on how you use the service, may be very different.  You agree to immediately cancel and not use TAR offerings if you are looking for ‘copy the trade.’  You also agree in your evaluation to take into account that even a service with a great track record like TAR can have a prolonged period of losses;  further, markets are often difficult and sometimes treacherous; and markets can also change very quickly.  Reviews and testimonials may not be representative of the experience of others and they are not a guarantee of  the future success or performance: these may have been edited for grammar or clarity.
  5. TAR is a bona fide publisher of financial and news publications of general and regular circulation.  TAR relies on the publisher exemption under Investment Advisers Act of 1940 in the U.S. and similar exemptions in other jurisdictions. TAR is not a financial or investment advisor or registered broker dealer. TAR does not provide personal investment advice and does not represent itself as a licensed investment advisor. TAR does not offer securities. TAR is not an accountant. TAR is not an attorney. TAR’s relationship with you is limited to that of the one between a  bona fide publisher and subscribers. TAR’s relationship with you specifically excludes any fiduciary relationship. You agree that TAR has no direct or indirect fiduciary responsibility of any kind to you. You agree that the content is for information only, impersonal in nature, not tailored to a specific need or person,  and you agree that you will make adjustments, as you see fit to suit your risk tolerance, your experience, and market conditions. You  must make your own judgments with the help of your own  personal  investment advisor independent of the content herein. The content herein may not be suitable for your purposes and your situation. Nigam Arora or The Arora Report,  Ltd, its directors, its officers,  its employees, and its affiliates  are not your personal investment advisors. You expressly agree that none of the content is  personalized individual advice. Subscriptions and services from TAR may not be available in all jurisdictions; just because something is mentioned on TAR site does not mean it is available in your jurisdiction. TAR cannot warrant that its services are appropriate for you or they are permitted under the laws of your jurisdiction and as such TAR does not represent that it meets laws of your jurisdiction.
  6. You agree not to act on any content without the consent of your own personal financial or investment advisor; TAR is not your financial or investment advisor. TAR is only a publisher providing information.  You agree not to rely on the content for any decisions you make and you agree to independently verify the information from other non related independent sources. All content should be considered qualitative and not quantitative to start your own research. 
  7. All content is provided without warranty of any kind, expressed or implied.  In no event will TAR be responsible for any direct, indirect, consequential, incidental, or any other damages of any kind arising out of any reasons of any kind or decisions made by you in reliance on the content whether or not caused in whole or part by TAR’s  gross negligence, errors, actions or inactions. Errors are a natural process in the type of offerings TAR provides and are bound to occasionally happen; you specifically agree to independently check all content and not hold TAR responsible for any damages of any kind due to errors. Due to different time frames, different strategies, different portfolios and different objectives, content including but not limited to entries and exits in TAR’s different services or newsletters may be in line or in conflict. TAR’s affiliates or employees may have positions that may be in line or in  conflict including entries and exits with TAR’s content due to different time frames, different strategies, different portfolios and different objectives
  8. Acting on the content by purchase of securities or shorting may result in TOTAL LOSS of any investment made.  Trading securities is inherently filled with risk and potential of significant loss.  You fully, and not TAR, assume the full risk of all your investments and trades including those published by TAR. Performance claims are based on context of the site and  following ZYX Method Trade Management and Risk Control techniques in the context of trades managed by a person with significant trading and investment experience and skills.  The site or blog or newsletters or other offerings may not describe the trade management and risk control for every trade.  Actually trades may not have been made and thus performance figures should be considered hypothetical and qualitative.  A big strength of the offerings of TAR is user’s ability to customize the use of offerings to their own preferences; this results in a large number of possible scenarios. Any stated performance data may be qualitative in nature for one scenario and may not represent all scenarios. Transaction costs, other fees and dividends may have not been taken into account in the performance. The performance may be attributable to market conditions and not to the system. Your results may be different depending upon your knowledge, skill, experience and discipline in trading and investing, the amount of effort you put in and market conditions. ZYX system is designed to generate wealth slowly and takes dedication, patience and knowledge. ZYX system is not suitable for helter-skelter trading or making money quickly. The system may be refined on an ongoing basis and may be changed without notice. The system may require judgment and parts of it may inherently be subjective.Other systems and methods not listed on the site may be used.  Past results are not indicative of Future Performance.  Future performance may be significantly different from the past. Even the best newsletters can go through a period of losses.
  9. TAR may contain links to other sites or resources.  You acknowledge and agree that TAR shall not be responsible for the content of the linked sites or resources, and TAR shall not be liable directly or indirectly in any way for damages of any kind caused by reliance on such links. You agree to use of cookies by TAR.
  10. All content is copyrighted other than under the Fair Use Provisions of the copyright law. Copying the content without written permission is prohibited.
  11. TAR owns or licenses all the intellectual property behind the content and does not relinquish any intellectual property rights by publishing the content.
  12. This Agreement is personal to you, and you cannot assign your obligations or rights. TAR has the exclusive right to change these Terms of Use at anytime without notice. You agree to be bound by such changes and revised Terms of Use. It is your responsibility to check this page often to see if there are any changes to the Term of Use.  You agree and fully understand that to provide uninterrupted service, subscription and other offerings are based on automatic recurring payments from you at the then current rate.  You can cancel such recurring payments before they are charged. Once a recurring payment is charged, you agree to pay it and you agree that there are no refunds. TAR reserves the right to  make changes to its offerings in any way it deems appropriate  including but not limited to raising prices, frequency, format and content. Definition of lifetime is until  the service is offered. TAR reserves the right to  cease one or more of its services at anytime without notice.
  13. There are no  refunds under any circumstance for any and all  subscriptions, offerings or services or any other procurement from TAR. Any unused portion may be applied to other  subscriptions or offerings from TAR. To cancel a subscription, it is subscribers’ responsibility to go to PayPal and cancel subscription. A subscription is immediately cancelled after a subscriber cancels at PayPal. It is a subscribers’ responsibility to time the cancellation if a subscriber wishes to continue a subscription to the end of a period. Failure to cancel a subscription at PayPal by a subscriber will result in further charges and there will be no refund for such charges.
  14. The governing law is the law of the State of Indiana.  You agree that for all purposes, the entire relationship shall be deemed to be confined to Hamilton County, Indiana. In the event of a dispute of any kind, you are required to first act in complete good faith to cooperate with TAR to resolve all issues informally. You agree to provide complete, accurate and truthful  information, documents and answers to all of our questions under oath without limitation to our full satisfaction  via any means including emails and personal interviews   to help  informally  resolve the dispute. You agree that if  your personal interviews are needed, they will take place in Hamilton county  in Indiana and you will be responsible for all expenses. You agree to fully forego all your claims without exception if you fail to fully, accurately and truthfully  comply with the foregoing.  Only after the foregoing process is complete and the dispute is still not resolved, you agree that the dispute will be submitted to final and binding arbitration before a three arbitrator panel of the American Arbitration Association in Hamilton county, Indiana.  You agree and fully understand that you are completely waiving your right to have a judge or a jury decide the dispute. You expressly agree to refrain from joining or bringing any claims in class-wide capacity or any representative form  including but not limited to any class action lawsuits or class-wide arbitration. You expressly agree to have any claims and all claims decided individually and only through arbitration.
  15. You agree to defend, indemnify, and hold TAR and employees, officers, directors, contractors and affiliates  harmless against all damages, liabilities, claims, actions, costs, expenses, and attorney fees in connection with your breach of this Agreement.  You specifically agree that you will pay TAR’s attorney fees, expenses and for its time, in advance, in connection with any litigation or other action even if the litigation or action is the result of TAR’s negligence.  You seeking a refund will be a violation of this agreement on your part. You also specifically agree that you will not file a claim for refund or anything else in violation of this agreement  in any forum including but not limited to PayPal, Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover or any other financial institution; in the event you file such a claim, you will immediately pay  initial liquidated damages of $5,000  to TAR to handle your claim before the financial institution can process your claim. Initial liquidated damages are only for preliminary processing of you claim and are in addition to your responsibilities per the first sentence of this paragraph.   No action or inaction by TAR will set a precedence against this agreement or nullify or reduce or change in any way   any provision of this agreement.  These Terms of Use supersede and take precedence over any and all other agreements, past, present or future. If any portion of this Agreement is deemed unenforceable, the remaining provisions will continue to be in full force and remain enforceable.



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